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We are a tech frontier, pioneering in AI and blockchain innovations.

Developing cutting-edge software and consulting in AI, blockchain technology.

About Us

Pioneering in AI and blockchain, we offer innovative software solutions and consulting to a global clientele.

GlideLogic Corp specializes in developing advanced fintech solutions, and groundbreaking AI and blockchain technologies.

Fintech Innovators

Specializing in next-gen payment gateway solutions, revolutionizing financial technology.

AI Pioneers

Advancing artificial intelligence to create smarter, more efficient technologies.

Blockchain Experts

Leading blockchain development for secure, decentralized digital solutions.

Our Services

Advanced AI development, blockchain solutions, and custom software creation for global fintech innovation and strategic consulting.

Consulting & Solutions

Expert consultation and tailored solutions in AI, blockchain, and software. We offer strategic advice and customized technological solutions to meet diverse business needs effectively.

Design & Development

Specializing in the design and development of innovative software and platforms. Our team combines creativity with technical expertise to deliver user-friendly and efficient digital products.

Managment & Marketing

Providing comprehensive management and marketing services to enhance brand presence and operational efficiency. Our approach integrates modern marketing techniques with effective management practices.

Strategy & Research

Focused on strategic planning and in-depth research in tech sectors. We help businesses navigate market trends, emerging technologies, and develop long-term, sustainable growth strategies.

Easy to customize

Offering easily customizable software solutions to fit unique business requirements. Our flexible and adaptive approach ensures that our products align perfectly with client-specific needs and goals.

Awesome Support

Dedicated to providing exceptional customer support. Our team is committed to ensuring seamless implementation, ongoing assistance, and responsive problem-solving to enhance user experience and satisfaction.

Our VoiceAI InteractLive

VoiceAI InteractLive harnesses the power of advanced AI to transform live streaming experiences. This innovative tool continuously monitors live chat interactions, enabling AI-driven responses that are not only contextually aware but also delivered in the host's own voice, thanks to state-of-the-art voice cloning technology. Perfect for live streamers, this tool offers a unique way to enhance audience engagement by maintaining a consistent and personalized interaction, even during the busiest streams.

VoiceAI Lite


Per Hour

Real-time monitoring of live chat.

AI-driven text responses in the chat.

Basic voice cloning for standard interaction.

Ideal for: New streamers or those with smaller audiences.

VoiceAI Pro


Per Hour

Advanced real-time monitoring with sentiment analysis.

Enhanced AI-driven text and voice responses.

High-quality voice cloning with customizable tone adjustments.

Ideal for: Established streamers looking to deepen audience engagement.

VoiceAI Elite


Per Hour

Comprehensive live chat monitoring with advanced analytics.

Superior AI-driven interactive capabilities in text and voice.

State-of-the-art voice cloning with real-time tone and emotion adaptation.

Priority customer support and customization options.

Ideal for: Professional streamers and high-profile broadcasts seeking to offer a top-tier audience experience.

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